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Punters Clubs

A punters club is where you form a group of people, such as your friends, family or workmates, and pool your money together and take it in turns to place a bet. They are especially a fun thing to run in your office to add a bit more spice than your typical tipping competition - or maybe even for a bit of flirting! They are also a good way to get your gambling fix without spending too much of your own hard earned money.

There are lots of different ways you can run a punters club, but we'll just focus on 1 and let you use your own imagination and creativity to work out what might work for your group. The first thing to do is work out a budget for your club. Let's say you have 10 people in it, then perhaps everyone can put in $5 per week.

Every week, take it in turns for someone, or a couple of people, to make the bets. They should bet only the $50 that comes from everyone putting in $5 for that week. They should be able to bet on as few or as many events as they wish. It's important to let everyone make up their own mind on what they want to bet on - without pressure from anyone else - as it's their turn!

When you win, the money should stay in the "kitty", which could mean in your account at one of the bookmakers you bet with, or perhaps you might withdraw the money every week and keep it in a bank account where it earns interest

At the end of the season, hopefully you have had enough victories for a substantial kitty. The fun part is working out what you are going to spend your winnings on as a group - usually there's enough for at least one round at the pub! To help this out, we recommend opening an account specifically for your punters club with SportingBet Australia or SportingBet UK. They will give you a 20% bonus on your first deposit, and if you deposit your weekly funds on a Thursday you will get an extra 5% money each week. That could be an extra couple of hundred dollars to spend at the end of the year!

SportingBet Australia or SportingBet UK

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